The Do's and Don'ts of Writing a Newsletter Email

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Newsletter emails are different from your generic sales emails so you have to make sure that the content and subject line suggests that. People hate reading the same types of newsletters in the same formats because it gets boring. Your newsletter needs to be about your company, your culture and your offerings. Of course, a newsletter can be salesy and persuasive, but that's not the main purpose of it - It's meant to inform your customers and prospects of who you are and how you can add value to their business. 

At I write our monthly newsletter so I am going to go through some of the dos and don'ts to composing an interesting and successful newsletter email. 

What should you do?

Get permission - One of the most obvious ones, but believe me, a lot of people will just chuck email addresses into their newsletter list - do not do this, it'll only end up annoying people. There are plenty of ways that you can build your newsletter email list up. You can add a clause in your contracts, that when a new customer comes on board, they sign up to the newsletter. Or you can promote your newsletter on social media or when you're talking to people over the phone. 

Choose an interesting subject line - The subject line is the one thing that will determine whether your newsletter email gets opened or not. If the subject line isn't engaging enough and therefore, the email isn't opened, none of the rest matters. Be unique and make your subject line relevant to the content within your newsletter. If your data is rich, you may choose to personalise your subject line with the contacts first name. 

Make your content relevant - You need to make sure that you know who your audience is before writing your content. This way you will know what's important to them and what they are going to engage with. A newsletter, generally, is to keep your customers and prospects up to date with what you've been up to. At we often share product updates, new people that we've employed and educational content that we've recently written. We use clear and engaging call to actions (CTAs) so that our audience can click through to what they're interested in easily, this improves the customer experience.

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Include contact details - At the bottom of your newsletter email, it's great to include your company details, for example, your address, your phone number and an email address. All of these things make it easier for someone to reach out and contact you. It may seem unworthy because surely they can just hit the reply button but giving people as many options as you can to contact you is essential. 

There must be an option to unsubscribe - It is against the law to not give people the option to unsubscribe from your communication. You can give them this option in a variety of ways, you could have a button that says 'unsubscribe' or you could say 'to unsubscribe to this email reply to {enter email address}.' Whichever way you allow your contacts to unsubscribe, make sure that there is no way that they can be contacted again.

Track what people are interacting with - To make more strategic decisions for your next newsletter it's important that you track what people are interacting with. In most marketing automation platforms you can track what people are clicking on, who they are and how many times they're visited a specific URL. 

What shouldn't you do?

Don't email your contacts to often because the likelihood is, they'll unsubscribe. For newsletter emails, I'd recommend creating your own lists from people that are interested in your brand (and consent to being emailed), don't buy lists because it could end up being a waste of money. Within the content of your newsletter, I'd avoid using spam words because your email may end up in your contact's junk folder.

By following these simple dos and don'ts steps, you should be able to create engaging newsletter emails to your contacts. The only thing that's left is where do you build the newsletter? That's where come in - We have the solution for you. Take your newsletter emails to the next level with marketing automation.

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