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Improved navigation and meetings tab! Awesome!

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We’ve got an update for all our mobile users 💬 And if you’re not one yet, join the pack and download us on Google Play or the App Store now!

Improved navigation to view candidates

In order to more easily view and manage candidates in the mobile app, you can now easily swipe through applications you receive. This improved navigation helps you get a better view of new applications you receive in your inbox, or in any stage of the process: 


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Get excited about all the candidates who are interested in your work and make sure to take action on them! 

Let’s say you move many of these candidates to a first interview. With our new update, you can also view meetings you have scheduled with candidates, directly on the candidate’s profile

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We’ve also added a new “Meetings” tab in the menu on the bottom of your screen. This tab will give you an overview of the meetings you have booked; upcoming, pending, and past meetings. Talk about making it easy to stay on top of your calendar!

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As always, the better we can help you stay on top of your recruitment, the better the candidate experience. Let us know if you have any questions 😊

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