Teamtailor: Check Out The Latest Notifications and Reactions on mobile

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A keen mobile user? Teamtailor recognises the amount of people that have the desire to use an ATS on mobile so they keep improving their app! Yay! ūü§ó

When you are recruiting with Teamtailor's mobile app you're able to constantly stay updated. 

So what have they improved?

Firstly, The Notifications Tab

When you open up the app you will be faced with a bell icon in the top right corner. Click on the bell to view all of your notifications. 


Teamtailor Notifications


When you view your notifications you can click the pink dot which is located in the top right to mark all of your notifications as read. 


Teamtailor Notifications (2)


Note: there is also the option to have in-app notifications! With this you are able to recieve an immediate notification that pops up at the top of your screen if an activity has just occured!

Another great improvement to the Teamtailor app is the Emoji Reactions on Notes

Enjoy Teamtailor's new toy! Adding emoji reactions to notes! Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that can brighten up your day! 


teamtailor Emojis


And, of course, if you haven’t downloaded our mobile app, jump on the band wagon: Teamtailor on App Store or Teamtailor on Google Play.  

So after exploring the new and exciting improvements that have been made to the teamtailor app - start your free trial to see more of the awesome things that it can do! 

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