Talentry's New and Exciting Recruitment Features

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Talentry's Recruitment Marketing Platform enables you to strengthen your employer brand, find new talent and nurture relationships with candidates.

Below are the new and exciting features that Talentry has to offer!

Talentry CRM

To fill vacancies, Talentry’s Candidate Relationship Management leverages the potential of interesting talents who are not the right fit for a current vacancy or who are not yet ready to change jobs. This allows you to have a lot more control when it comes to picking the right person.

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Talentry Jobs

With Talentry Jobs, your employees become recruiters by sharing vacancies in their social networks and referring candidates with just two clicks. Talentry’s employee referral program is seamlessly integrated with your existing recruiting process and your applicant tracking system.

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Talentry Stories

With the Talentry Stories add-on module, your employees share not only vacancies but also corporate content in their social networks – and thus become authentic ambassadors for your employer brand. This helps your business to reach out to a much wider audience. 

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Talentry Infographics 

Attract, engage and convert...

Talentry Infographics enables you to easily identify talent and organize that talent using CRM. As well as having the referral process from your employees you are able to control those applications and pick the best suitable candidate for your job role.

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Talentry Gratification

Using Gratification allows your employees to gather points as they're sharing content on their social media websites. It is a way of enticing your employees and rewarding them at the same time for contributing towards the recruitment process. 

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