Taking Mindfulness and Customer Service to The Next Level with Sugar

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Mindfulness is about becoming more aware of your own thoughts as well as other peoples. It is easy to lose touch with being mindful by getting caught up in things without stopping to notice how those thoughts are driving emotion or behaviour. 

There are many emerging trends in business; however, none have held the same buzz as mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Customer service is no longer only about attentiveness or active listening skills; in a customer-controlled market where you have to be fully mindful of the customer. 

So, how do you implement mindfulness into your customer service strategy?
Be Present at All Times

This may seem an obvious one, but people don't often relate being present to being mindful. Being present ensures that you're not thinking about your next customer or your next meeting, instead, you are completely focused on the person that you are talking to. Being present allows you to pick up on vocal cues, point out various areas of contention, and highlight the importance of issues to that customer. This level of mindfulness creates a more personalised customer service approach so that instead of the conversation sounding scripted, it sounds direct and engaging. 

Be Empathetic 

Empathy is feeling what another person feels, in this case, the customer. Since emotion drives all of our decisions it is vital that you understand how your customers feel and why they feel that way. Being empathetic means being more mindful of what the person you're talking to is going through, what's their scenario? How can you help them? Often, if you've got the data which shows the last communication you've made with that customer in Sugar, it can become a lot easier to understand that person's requirements. 

Always Give Yourself Enough Time

Having the ability to pause and reflect on what you're doing is key to giving great customer service. Sometimes you can get so involved in a call that you've just had with a customer that it over-runs, and you are left feeling panicked, as if you don't have the time to pause. But you do, and it's worth it. After a call with a customer, take the time to reflect on the information that you've just been given and input it as a note into Sugar. This, already, will put you in a more mindful position for your next call with that customer.

The most important aspect of mindfulness, is simple - just be human. Humanity is the one aspect that connects us to one another and consumers to corporations. And together with these tips and just simply, being humane, your customer service will drive business success!

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