Synchronise Sugar with G Suite and Office 365 Effortlessly

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Email plays a major role in business communication. As it's common to get endless amounts of emails, it is vital that you are able to stay organised. This is why it's so important that your CRM Solution can synchronise with your emails. 

SugarCRM has introduced Sugar Connect to provide critical information about all of your customers while you are communicating with them. Sugar Connect lets you work more efficiently, bring key customer activities into Gmail and Office 365 and make customers for life. 

What is Sugar Connect?

Sugar Connect seamlessly synchronises G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 with Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Pro, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve. This enhances the functionality of Sugar and allows users to incorporate emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts into a unified view and easily access all the data from a single platform.

Sugar Connect brings your most important customer experience activities into the email and calendar apps Sales and Services use every day. Keep your CRM, email, and calendar tools up-to-date without having to ever manually enter data. With Sugar Connect, your G Suite or Office 365 account can connect with your Sugar instance to surface relevant data from Sugar as you interact with prospects and customers in real-time. It's the easiest way to provide the types of truly personalised experience that create and retain customers for life. 

What benefits will Sugar Connect have on your business?
  • Be able to cut down on data entry - Stop switching, copying, and pasting between apps.
  • Communicate with context - Because of this awesome email tool, you are now able to get contextual information about the customers you're communicating with.
  • Personalise outreach - Fine-tune messages with insights provided in real-time based on who, what and when you're emailing. 
  • Get a complete 360-degree view - Gain visibility into your accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities directly within G Suite or Office 365. You'll see relevant Sugar information from a sidebar when reading or composing an email.
  • Synchronise conversations and contacts - Transfer the important conversations with Sugar Connect. Integrations with G Suite and Office 365 applications push critical conversations and contact details from your email to Sugar while you continue to work. 
  • Update with ease - Archive important emails to Sugar and specify exactly which opportunity, contact or account they should be connected to. Sync and access shared calendars so you don't need to maintain multiples. 

Sugar Connect is your best bet to boost CRM productivity. It allows users to keep accurate and complete customer records by seamlessly syncing your G Suite and Office 365 with Sugar. 

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