SugarCRM Version 9: Making Customer Relationships Extraordinary

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SugarCRM Version 9

Find out the new and exciting features of SugarCRM Version 9!

Comments Log
The Comment Log field allows users to add messages, comments, or other text to a log appearing on the record view. To add an entry, click anywhere inside the field and type a message into the text area that appears. After saving the record, the message is appended to the end of the log with a link to the user that added the entry and the date and time the entry was created. Once saved, entries cannot be edited or removed.

Comment Log


Collapsible Comment Log entries: Comment Log entries are expandable and collapsible. Admins can configure how many characters to display by default.
Comment Log available on the Basic template: The Comment Log field is now available to be added to the record view layout in custom modules built using the Basic template.

Product Catalog – Quick Picks Dashlet

Product Catalog


The Product Catalog Quick Picks dashlet provides easy access to products in the product catalogue that you recently used or marked as favourites. The dashlet consists of two tabs (Recently Used, Favourites) and is located next to the quote form when creating a new quote and also in the Quotes record view intelligence pane. 
*If the dashlet is not displayed in the intelligence pane, you can add the dashlet by editing the dashboard.

Quoted Line Item Currency

Users now have the ability to change the line item's currency when creating or editing quotes.

Quoted Line Item Currency


Quotes Module User Interface Configuration

Administrators can configure the available fields and their order for quotes worksheets, generating clear, comprehensive, and accurate quotes for prospects and customers.

Quotes Module User Interface Configuration


Revenue Line Items in Preferred Currencies

Users now have the ability to add revenue line items from the product catalog using their preferred currency instead of the product catalog item's currency by enabling the Create Revenue Line Items in Preferred Currency option in their user profile. (Enterprise Edition only)



Reporting – Product Catalog

The Product Catalog Module is now available in the Reports module to create Reports. 
You can better analyse product catalog, reporting on price, merchandise planning, list price, availability, quantity, stock, etc.
You will see a better picture of your products in the product catalog. You can now export all types of reports. 

Product Catalog


Data Visualisation in Reports

In addition to the familiar stacked-style horizontal and vertical bar charts in Sugar, users may now select Grouped Vertical Bar and Grouped Horizontal Bar charts as new options for visualising reports providing easier data analysis.



SugarBPM (which was advanced workflows)

Tagging Support for SugarBPM modules: The tags feature, already commonly used in other parts of Sugar, is now available on record views and list views for SugarBPM modules (i.e. Process Definitions, Process Business Rules, and Process Email Templates).
Import and export improvements: Process definitions with Gateway references to Business Rule actions will retain their business rule mappings when they are exported from Sugar 9.x or higher and then imported to another instance running the same or higher version. In addition, any tags that are applied to SugarBPM module records will export and import as part of the .bpm package.
Enhanced operators for process termination: The global termination settings for a process definition can now listen for changes to a field, including changes to or from a specified value. This allows administrators to, for example, restart timed events by terminating a running process and starting it over when a certain field changes.
Gateway Improvements: Event-based gateways can now detect whether a form activity has been completed before a condition has been met or within a set period of time. (Enterprise Edition only)

SugarBPM– Recipient Lists

The recipient list for Advanced Workflow process email templates may include email addresses from any module related to the target record as well as recipients related to the related modules, enabling you to reach a wider and more selective set of recipients. (Enterprise Edition only)



SugarBPM – Multi Layer Module Relationships &  Process Email Template

Multi-Layer Module Relationships
Add Related Record
Create a new Sugar record and relate it to the target Sugar record or to a record related to the target record.
Change Fields
Change the value of one or more fields on the target record, on records related to the target record, or on records related to that related record.

Process Email Template To/From Variables
The Fields Selector tool now lets users insert the current (i.e. "changes to") and the old (i.e. "changes from") values of a changed field into process email templates. (Enterprise Edition only)

SugarBPM– Validation

Advanced Workflow Validation has been revamped, real time errors and suggestions, Actionable feedback will display on screen, now given a more user friendly process definition designer. (Enterprise Edition only)



Outgoing Email Accounts 

Shared email accounts: Teams of users can now send emails from shared email accounts. Outbound accounts created via the Emails module now include a Teams field which specifies which users are able to use the account for sending email. By default, user email accounts are assigned to the user's private team.
"Reply-To" name and email address: Users can now designate a "Reply-To" name and email address for outgoing user email accounts that will receive any replies from the outbound email message.

Data Privacy

Email opt-in link: Users can generate a link to send to customers which, when clicked, will mark the opted-out email address as opted-in.

Data erasure for activity streams: Erasing personal information via the Data Privacy module now removes the erased values from activity stream posts.

SugarCRM Speed

•    The average Sugar 9.0 response time across the 15,000 requests in our test suite is a fraction of what it was in 8.0.1. It is 40% faster than 8.0.2 and 30% faster than even our Winter '19 release. This means that no matter how you are using or integrating with Sugar, you will see significant responsiveness gains by upgrading to Sugar 9.0
•    3x to 7x faster Filter API performance - The Filter API is one of the most commonly used Sugar REST APIs. It is used to load List Views, Dashlets, Subpanels, and is commonly used by integrations that need to synchronise data between Sugar and an external system.
•    70% more throughput on the same hardware. - Our testing shows that Sugar
9.0 should process 70% more requests in the same amount of time as the latest Sugar 8.0.2 on-premise release using the same hardware.
•    Repair and Rebuild time – halved.
•    Studio changes & metadata rebuilds – halved.

Emails: Emoji Support

The Emails module can now display emojis used in message content, and users can use emojis in Sugar text fields.