SugarCRM Mobile 6.0.0 Released!

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Sugar’s latest mobile update offers some great new additions to its UX and for version Sugar systems, one of these stands out above the rest for the Sales reps.

Adding Leads into Sugar is easier than ever with the mobile app. You can quickly create a new Lead and enter the Leads details with a few taps on your IPad, IPhone or Android device. You can add and create the activities and even call the Leads straight from your device. This is great for those of you like me who spend a lot of the time travelling the country moving from client to client.
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But what do you do when you make that all important call to one of these Leads that have met the qualifying stage of your sales journey. You need to convert them and raise an opportunity. This is easy if you are at your desktop; Just open the record and click convert and hey presto, the Contact, Account and the Opportunity is created and your Sales Pipeline looks just that much better. This feature even works when using the app in Offline mode!

Now, if you are at the airport waiting for that flight to some sunny location (we all dream of that perfect meeting), or waiting for that next train, or even sat in the coffee shop refuelling so you can be top of your game, ready to make that next big sale and get all of that lovely commission before the annual Christmas bank account expenditures, where was I? Oh yes….. you need to convert that Lead now and not wait until you next take out your Laptop or even get back to the office. The Mobile App now lets you convert that Lead move it to the next stages.

And it’s not just the conversion of the Lead to:

  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities

You can also create the following during conversion:

  • Tasks
  • Cases
  • Notes
  • Revenue Line Items (for Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Sugar)
  • Custom modules

Note that if any non-supported modules are added to the Lead conversion process in Studio the Mobile App conversion will be disabled. I.e. Meetings, and Calls (unfortunately). But we can fix that with a quick Advanced Workflow!

So take advantage of this great new addition to the ever-improving mobile app, and make your User Experience exceed the expectations of the Customers Experience.

Click here for a full guide of features.

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