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sugar mobile

Sugar Mobile has been updated, yay! You can download version 13.0 on iOS devices. This update is compatible with Sugar 8.0 and above. This release addresses an issue when running Sugar Mobile on Apples's latest iOS release, iOS 13, where attempting to log back into Sugar Mobile after a session timeout may result in a 400 error.

For mobile Developers - Sugar Mobile SDK version 13.0.515-1.4.2-2 is now available for Sugar Mobile developers to extend the capabilities of the Sugar Mobile app and distribute their custom apps through the Apple App Store, Google Play store, or for ease of distribution and control, through an MDM. 

Having a Mobile CRM means that your employees that are constantly on the road can work from anywhere and have access to the data they need.

What are the benefits of the SugarCRM App?

  1. The important features are on the Mobile App - As silly as it may sound, not all CRM Mobile Apps have the most basic features! Things like push notifications, voice notes, and mobile-optimised interface are vital for making things easier when it comes to access data in real-time.
  2. Import Call and SMS Records, Contacts, and Call Log - SugarCRM enables you to import call logs, SMS records, contacts, and other data from your mobile.
  3. Offline Access, Online Data Sync - Having an offline access feature means that employees can access records from any location, even if it doesn't have internet access. 
  4. Access Maps and start planning your route - SugarCRM Mobile has the capability to set routes between client locations and get real-time traffic alerts, gas stations, and meeting points updates. 
  5. Live Tracking and Check-in/ Check-out - An important feature for sales managers is to be able to track where their sales reps are at any given time. Managers can also see when their employees' check-in and check-out of meetings, tasks, and appointments. 
  6. Interactive Dashboards - With so many tasks running around in the background, dashboards give you a view of all of your important tasks. This way you can prioriste accordingly. 

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