SugarCRM Introduces Sugar Discover

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sugar discover
Need a New Approach for Driving Revenue Analytics? Welcome to Sugar Discover!

Sugar Discover is an exciting and modern approach to analytics which makes it fast and easy to extract insights from your Sugar data. Be able to track and analyse hundreds of meaningful, actionable metrics. It focuses on what's important now and automatically alerts you to changes in key metrics that are trending above or below target.

Unlike a general-purpose BI tool, Sugar Discover provides real value on day one!

With Discover, there is no need to build and maintain your own analytical database, no need to learn SQL, no need to run ETL processes, no need to learn complicated general-purpose BI tools, and no need to hire expensive technical resources. Any person with basic Sugar user skills can be exploring revenue data and discovering actionable insights.


sugar discover
What are the main benefits?

An insight in seconds - Get a never-ending flow of automated analysis couples with a complete historical record keeps critical information at your fingertips.

Revenue analytics made easy - Make use of your data with easy to use features such as formatting, filters, and drag and drop capabilities.

More Business Intelligence - Home in on the exact business factors that are impacting your performance. 

Less time and money - Get to the information you require quicker for a cost-effective price.

More predictable revenue - Get faster identification and resolution of funnel problems and their root causes. As well as having the ability to identify sales and marketing opportunities quickly.

Advanced analytics - A tool that goes way beyond reports and graphs.

“We built Sugar Discover from day one to work with CRM data – this is a move from rear-view to real-time insights, providing early warning signals that allow businesses to adapt, change course and take advantage of trends as they’re happening,” said Richard Daley, GM of Analytics. 

Sugar Discover improves visibility into the sales funnel and conversion rates, as well as provides invaluable insights into historical trends, and the underlying dynamics of revenue performance. Discover gives users the ability to manage-by-exception with 24/7 metric tracking and alerts. With Discover, you empower your business users with key analytics and metrics, giving them the ability to take swift action on issues and opportunities as they arise. 

Please Note: This is available for users of Sugar Sell, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional. 

Has Sugar Discover sparked an interest for you?

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