SugarCRM Introduces an awesome new product... Sugar Integrate!

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sugar integrate

Sugar has launched an Integration Platform which enables you to quickly integrate business solutions that promote better customer experiences and increase sales! Be able to create reusable integration components that save development time, improve reliability and management, and shorten time to value.

The challenge

Traditional business models often encounter lots of different products that all store their own information. This can lead to employees not being able to access certain data, duplication of data or even incorrect data. To get a platform that seamlessly integrates all of your data can be costly and time consuming, but not with Sugar Integrate.

The solution

Sugar Integrate is able to communicate with SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) Software Solutions which enables you to have a single, 360-degree view of your business data. It helps companies to work more efficiently by giving all employees access to real-time insights across the entire enterprise. 

The benefits
  • Launch integrations quicker than ever before - Sugar Integrate has over 200 pre-built integrations, examples of some of these are; Act-On, Adobe sign, Amazon Marketplace, Facebook, Gmail, GoToWebinar, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks and Salesforce.
  • Reduce complexity - Sugar Integrate empowers customers to prioritise and optimise data for their unique business by leveraging standardised data models.
  • Put a stop to painful maintenance - With Sugar Integrate, your integrations are insulated from changes to Sugar’s and other systems’ APIs and data schemas.
  • Move to a modern solution - Many solution purchasing decisions are delayed because organisations cannot afford to lose their historical customer and sales data that they have spent years gathering and maintaining. Sugar Integrate eliminates this concern with built-in data transfer capabilities that simplify moving data into Sugar from other customer experience products, including ones do not natively support bulk data operations.
How can help? are a family run business that believes in developing individuals to their full potential. We are a UK Elite Partner of SugarCRM. From licensing to fully hosted solutions, consultancy and data migration to training, custom development to support, offer it all, with all services being provided by their own UK team. We are also one of the few SugarCRM Hosting Partners worldwide, our fully hosted solutions are delivered from within our own data centres in the UK, all fully controlled by the internal administration team.

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