SugarCRM Top Tip - Forecasting

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Sugar’s Forecasts module incorporates Revenue Line Item & Opportunity records to build Forecasting Worksheets and predict sales. Users can work towards sales quotas at the individual, team, and sales organisation level. Before users may access the Forecasts module to begin building forecasting worksheets, a user with administrator access must configure the Forecasts module with the organisations desired Time Periods, Ranges, Scenarios, and Worksheet Columns.

If you are turning on Forecasting on your Sugar instance for the very first time, the process checks through every opportunity record ever, to determine whether it is to be included in the forecast or not. 

As this may be a very large amount of records to update (over 15,000 for us!) the system will process these in the background, 100 records at a time. 

We, therefore, recommend if you have lots of Opportunity records, doing this at the end of the day or week. Then the system can process these updates whilst the system is not currently in use, speeding up the process. 

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