Sugar Email View Resizer

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Sugar Email View Resizer

A common issue we find our customers reach out to us about is the fact that the email body display window on the SugarCRM Email module is too small, and not particularly user-friendly when it comes to viewing long email chains.

At Enable we understand that scrolling can be a bore and is not something that lazy users (like me!) are interested in doing, so we have spent some time to create an installable package that you can add to your system, revealing more of the email message and making the page more useful. After all, we are trying to make sure we’re using our CRM as a way of tracking who has said what to whom and when.

So fill in the form below, and you’ll be taken to a download page where you can download a zip file that’s ready for your SugarCRM system today!

So fill in the form below to download the Email View Resizer Package today! 

An automatic will download of a zip file will begin, this is compatible with SugarCRM Professional and Enterprise version 9 and above. 

Sugar Email Resizer