Subitems have just got even more powerful in

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Calling all lovers! We know that you adore subitems and they've just got even better! I'm going to take you through some of the new custom recipes that can now include subitems and hoe you can use subitems in the table widget.

With these awesome updates come a 'Subitem' category within the Automation store.

Where can you use subitems?

Subitems are now supported on a vast range of recipes, these are some of the examples:

  • When a status changes to something, notify someone
  • When a status changes to something, start time tracking
  • When all subitems of an item have the status of something, change the item's status to something

And custom recipes...


custom recipes


Subitems in the table widget

The table widget is used by so many teams because it allows you to pull data from multiple boards into one place. With this new update, you can now pull subitems into the table widgets as well. 

Subitems in cross-board automations

Subitems has been included in the 'when status changes to something, create an item in board' cross-board automation. There are plenty of updates to come so that you can continue cross-collaborating. 

As always, are working really hard to develop subitems because they know that it's a much loved feature. If you're not already using, you definitely should be because it's awesome! Try it for yourself for free!

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