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Flexible working

Flexible working is now a necessity to modern businesses!

With SugarCRM you can be in anywhere in the world and have access to all of your business information through the offline mode.

Why would this benefit you?

Say you went to a business conference and met some potential new clients that were offering you some great opportunities but the internet signal was really bad. The last thing you want is to have to record all of this information on a piece of paper to later import it all into Sugar. 

With Sugar's offline mode you can download any module and edit that module from any location. This means that you can add all of those new clients using your phone or laptop even if you have no internet connection. Once you get home and re-connect your internet all of your new information will sync up to your Sugar account. This level of flexibility saves you a lot of time and also gives you the option to use your device on the go. 


SugarCRM Mobile is designed with keeping the productivity of the individual user in mind. With SugarCRM Mobile’s native apps for popular phones and tablets, you’ll have the details you need for a productive customer engagement. 

Being able to use Sugar in any location means that you are able to maintain your customer's experience and ensure that their needs are always catered for. 

Below are the statistics of how often our members of staff work away from home:

Lee (Training Manager)- 75%
Sara (Sales Manager) - 99% 
Joe (Global Sales & Marketing Director) - 15%
David (Managing Director) - 50%



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