Reinventing the Future of Customer Experience with SugarCRM

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SugarCRM helps businesses everywhere to provide the most outstanding experiences of all time-for every customer, from anywhere in the world. They're building a world where companies can act as fully functional extensions of their customers. Where teams can anticipate needs long before customers even realise they have them. Where Sales, Marketings and Services are fully freed to focus on people instead of processes. They bring innovation, transparency, integrity, value, and passion to everything that they do. Sugar frees companies from being data entry servants to their CRMs. 

"For us and our customers, the future is now. And it's about time - which is one of the most valuable assets in business." - Rich Green, SugarCRM Chief Technical and Product Officer

CRM Essentials, LLC - Their opinion on SugarCRM

“It took SugarCRM to introduce a concept that both makes a bunch of sense and makes you wonder why you hadn’t heard of any other companies talking about time and incorporating it into their platform,” said Brent Leary, co-founder, and Partner of ​CRM Essentials, LLC​. “I think the potential is there for this to have a significant impact by using machine learning and time coefficients to detect anomalies and patterns and could be a game-changer for surfacing more successful next-best actions and recommendations.”

​Terradatum​ - Their opinion on SugarCRM

“Everything that we do, from marketing to sales to service, is recorded in Sugar,” said Brant Myers, Client Services Manager of ​Terradatum​, an industry leader in real estate analytics. “Every call is routed, and every case is created. All of that activity is recorded, and it’s how we measure our performance.”

Powered by ​Sugar Discover​, SugarCRM’s wide-ranging analytic insights platform, the database is available for customers to access when they’re ready to find answers to complex questions, locate anomalies, study patterns, decipher data or compare recent performance to a select period in the past.

“When you’re only seeing a snapshot in time, you don’t really understand your customer or your business, and you certainly don’t have the ability to intelligently predict the future,” Rich Green, SugarCRM Chief Technical and Product Officer. “It’s not enough to say, ‘here’s the state of our customer,’ you have to know what it took to get them to that state, and our time-aware foundation helps clients do exactly that.

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