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Talent Acquisition of the Future: How marketing and sales based approaches are revolutionising the recruitment process.

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More Relationship Management in Recruiting

Are you a little lost when it comes to recruitment? Not sure of the best platform, or how to get exposure on job listings? Job portals and career websites often have limited impact, and with skilled labour in such short supply, it is crucial to have a strong and positive employer brand. Besides, because most talented individuals are not actively looking for a job, they rarely come into contact with job advertisements. Yet despite the limitations of traditional recruiting methods, many HR managers still stick to them. There is often a lack of the necessary strategies, processes and technologies to attract potential candidates beyond active sourcing. 

In marketing and sales, by contrast, innovative tools and methods have proved their worth time and time again. No longer left to their own devices, potential customers are courted strategically and in a structured manner with the help of Customer Relationship Management concepts (CRM). So why not take the same approach when it comes to recruiting? Setting up talent pools, maintaining them in a structured manner and communicating with potential employees - before ultimately hiring them. In short, treat potential candidates like potential clients, borrowing from marketing and sales practises with a similarly systematic approach: Candidate Relationship Management. 

Candidate Relationship Management Advantages at a Glance:


Strategic, future-orientated recruitment


Accelerated recruiting processes through existing talent pools and automation

Better Experience

Better candidate experience due to perosnalised content


Strengthening of the employer brand through far-reaching channels


Structured approach leads to a higher applicant quality


Lower recruitment costs thanks to greater efficiency


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