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Throughout the past 2 years, we have been actively working with and developing on our Mautic & Sugar Integration package. We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2.0!

This integration has been designed to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation. And we have kept this mantra at the forefront of our minds when enhancing and extending the integration. We have constantly had to question what is necessary information in a Marketing System, and what is unnecessary clutter that could be better managed elsewhere. Therefore, the integration has been created with the premise that Sugar remains the master data source at all times. 

Clarity of information for CRM users has been one of our main concerns throughout, as most employees can access the CRM system, but only a select few (usually a marketing team) can access a Marketing Automation system. In many SaaS models, pricing is dictated by the number of users, and if we were to demand that CRM licenses matched Marketing Automation licenses, our solution would quickly become unaffordable. With the integration, Sugar users have complete clarity over all communications with the contact or lead, even those that happen from Mautic.


Marketing Activity Subpanel

Marketing Activity Subpanel

This handy Subpanel on Contact and Lead records shows a summary of all the interactions the person has had, such as reading an email, hitting a webpage, submitted a form, downloaded an asset, etc. You can also see the date and time of these actions, and click through to a Marketing Activity record which contains a link to the material.

Marketing Activity Intelligence Pane Dashlet

This view can be easily added into the intelligence pane on any contact or lead record. 

Mautic Intelligence Pane

The Summary tab shows you a helpful snapshot of the contacts Score, as well as the total number of various activities.

Mautic Intelligence Pane

From the Latest Events tab you can more details such as what Emails have been Sent and Read, Page Hits, Form Submissions, Asset downloads and Device Granularity. You can click through from this Intelligence pane to the related Marketing Activity Record.

Mautic Intelligence Pane

From the Segments tab you can see what Segments the contact is a part of, and ones that are available for them to join.

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