Personal Stories: Welcome to Josh

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Welcome to enable.service Josh

This month we have welcomed another new member to the family, Joshua Crane, who is joining our Sugar Helpdesk as an Engineer. Josh has previously worked in a variety of positions, his last role was a Junior Project Manager at Aceville, he worked there for 3 years, before that, he was a land surveyor.

I spent some time talking to Josh about what he enjoys doing...

What are your main strengths?

I would say that I am hardworking, friendly and good at communicating with people. In my previous role, I picked up a lot of skills like being able to pay close attention to detail and automation processes within software, this has helped me to pick up this job easier and quicker. 

What do you do in your spare time?

I play in a 'cheesy rock band,' I am the guitarist and there's a singer, bass person and drummer. My favourite song to play is 'Hammer to Fall' by Queen and my favourite place to perform is Worlyfest (which is a weekend festival that raises money for Cancer Research). 

I play rugby, normally every Saturday when we're not going through a pandemic, I play as a Flanker.
I also enjoy travelling, the best place that I've been to is New York, I also liked visiting Tobago. 

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Within my personal life, I see myself married and with kids. Within work, I just want to do my best and learn new skills.

Why did you choose to join

I was looking on the website, specifically on the 'about us' page where the staff photos are and I saw that everyone seemed happy in their job roles which is important to me. When I started at this was true, everyone was really welcoming and happy.

How has the onboarding process been?

It's been really good, everyone has been really friendly and approachable. A lot of people have shown an interest in getting to know me which has been nice. I've enjoyed learning SugarCRM and Lee has been really good at training me on the software and making it engaging at the same time. Zac, Nord and Adam have also been really helpful, they've shown me the ropes.