Personal Stories: Welcome to Jo!

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welcome Joanne

At we've employed a new Project Coordinator, Joanne Daniels. Jo is a bubbly and enthusiastic character who is determined to make a wide range of long-lasting customer relationships at She's spent a large amount of her working life on the road, travelling around the country, to now settling in her new job where she can have a change of lifestyle and work in an office once we've all stopped working from home (due to Covid-19). 

Jo has previously worked for an insurance company where she was in charge of a team and gained a variety of leadership skills. She then went on to work for British Car Auctions for 4 years where she was managing teams again but with a variety of other roles too, including account management and customer service.

I spent some time interviewing Jo to find out a bit more about her.

I asked Jo, what are your strong points?

I am good at talking to people, I've had a lot of individuals open up to me and tell me their life stories even if I haven't necessarily asked for them. I guess people feel as though they can talk to me and that I'm approachable. I'm very methodical, I'm organised and most importantly, I get things done. One of my strongest points is that I'm great at change management which is very suited to this role because I'm good at analysing processes and working out what things need to be changed. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy cooking vegetarian food. I also enjoy doing DIY, weird for a girl right? 😂 But I am good at building furniture and painting! I love reading, if you ever can't find me, I'm probably lost behind a book. I've done most of the things that most adults (typically) should do, I've bought a house and I've travelled, but I am very excited to be getting a puppy soon! I have 7 siblings that I like spending time with, I look up to them because no matter what is thrown at them, they always come out stronger. 

What made you come and work for

When I saw the job advertisement I did some background research and I was drawn to the fact that it's a family run business as I am so used to working for corporate businesses. Happiness is key for me and I felt like was a place where I could be happy and feel included. I've always believed that 'businesses do business with people,' and has this culture throughout their business which I really like. 

How would you describe your experience with so far?

To begin with, it was quite nerve-racking knowing that I was going to be onboarded from my home, however, it was a very easy and simple process. I've never felt like I am on my own, there's always been someone to talk to. The daily morning meetings are great, it's given me a chance to get to know everyone, rather than just the people who are in my department.

I've already started getting involved in a couple of projects which I am really enjoying. I am Prince2 Agile qualified so it's really great to start utilising some of those skills within my work.

If I had to describe in one sentence it would be that they're a friendly team, and for me, that's really important because I want to feel content and achieve great things for this company.