Personal Stories: Welcome to Jade!

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On the 29th of June, we welcomed a new starter, Jade Hall, who has joined as an Admin Assistant! Jade joined with her bubbly and enthusiastic character and quickly fitted into the team.

Jade has done a range of jobs, considering she's only 26! She's worked hard from a young age and spent many years in previous positions. Starting in KFC for four long years, she then decided to follow her aspirations and take on an Admin job at Caston's in Ipswich. She was there for 4 years and decided to leave so that she could go somewhere with more career progression potential. This led her to a job at People Plus as an Administrator but unfortunately, after working hard for 10 months the pandemic meant that she could no longer stay with the company - Great for us, however, because we now have a shining, new employee! 

I spent some time interviewing Jade to find out about her past experiences and where she sees her future going.

I asked Jade, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy lots of things, going out for a run and working out, spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends and baking. I love spending time with my mum, she's my hero and my inspiration. I've grown up with just my mum and my brother and I love going out for walks with my family and watching crime documentaries. My mum and I also like to go and watch the Football in Ipswich, but I mainly go for the McDonalds... 😝

What are your main goals in life?

I think the main goal for me is to buy a house and have a golden retriever. Other than that, it's important for me to be happy. Sounds simple, but I want to be in a job where I can feel content and I don't have to worry. This way, I can stay there for years and years.

Why did you choose

I could see myself there. There are practical elements like the location and that I wouldn't have to get the bus into town, but the main reason is the culture. Reading up about, I could see that they are a family run business and that's important to me because I know that their morals will be correct and that they'll be adaptable to individuals' circumstances. I wanted to be somewhere that felt less corporate and cold, and more friendly and warm. Plus, I saw a great opportunity in the fact that I could learn more about software and technology. 

How has the onboarding process been?

It's been very good but different, obviously, because of the circumstances (Covid-19). Ever since I started at there's always been someone to talk to and felt that from the moment that I joined their daily video meeting. The onboarding process has been gradual, which has been really helpful and enjoyable for me. First, I started off learning about the company and all of the employees, to gradually being taught the software and then handed over to my department. Getting to know the employees has been really fun and allowed me to fit in with the company in a comfortable and positive way.
I see myself progressing with this company because they're kind and invest in people. I would love to work my way up the ladder and maybe even learn a new department one day. 

If you had to describe in one word what would it be?

Exciting! 🤩