Personal Stories: Welcome to Emma!

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Welcome to Emma

We have ANOTHER sparkly, new team member here at the ever-evolving family - we're extremely excited and thankful to be growing our business and want to introduce you to the ever-so-smiley Emma. 

Emma joins us from the marvellous marketing team at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, and we're grateful to have her 'on board' as our new Brand Manager. 

Let's all get to know her a little better... 

What were your first impressions of

I was astounded at how welcome I felt, almost instantly. have a mix of people in the office and people working from home and to help create team togetherness they have a companywide meeting every morning - they genuinely care about people, which is beautiful. As one of the many 'new people' joining the family I very quickly feel like part of the team, none of that awkwardness that can be experienced within those first moments (sometimes weeks) at a new company, and I think it's because everyone loves what they do and they show up as they're authentic selves every day. For instance, I know already how Ben in the projects department adores Felixstowe, Mike in the configuration team is brilliant at puns, David our managing director tells the most enchanting stories, and everyone has shown me kindness - which is how I imagine all our customers are treated too.

Favourite quote?

I love sharing a positive, motivational quote on my social media every-so-often, they can help lift people's spirits and hopefully make them smile or feel empowered and ready to take on whatever life throws at them. The last one I shared to try and uplift and inspire friends going through rough seas was:

"The birds of hope are everywhere, listen to them sing

Terri Guillemets

I have had the pleasure of meeting some truly motivating people within my story so far, and already know the team at will inspire me to grow and develop even further inside this next chapter of my life.

I would love to share with you this excerpt from Dean James Ryan's speech at the 2016 Harvard Graduate School of Education Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates. Yes, it's a long quote at around six minutes, but I'm certain it will add value to your day/life professionally and personally, the first time I heard it, it gave me goosebumps, so please take the time to listen.

Do you have a favourite product that provide?

Wow, they have so many to choose from! My previous role would have benefitted massively from the plethora of options offer. 

Each solution I've learnt about I wish I had to use within my previous marketing team, it would have made our jobs so much easier. The project management tool offer would have increased efficiency and saved time across departments when producing our magazines, brochures and campaign content. We had so many spreadsheets and my to-do lists were written on a notepad (I feel extremely old fashioned since learning more about these digital platforms that help businesses succeed haha). To be able to communicate in one central place across multiple departments including all the graphic designers working on the project would have been phenomenal!

I am incredibly impressed at' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software too - every time I ask "but, can it do this?" it can (!) and the fact it links in with the marketing automation software would have made personalising email campaigns a dream in my previous role, not just for us marketing peeps, but the sales and customer service guys would have loved it too.


If you’d like to hear more about how can help you, like it could have helped Emma in her previous marketing role, please get in contact. Either reach out on LinkedIn, send us an email or give us a call – look forward to connecting with you!