Personal Stories: Welcome to Adam!

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Adam Burch

Last week Adam Burch joined on the Helpdesk team as a Solutions Helpdesk Engineer. He's previously worked in a range of positions including, functions at Ufford Park Hotel, food preparation at Wilford Bridge and then he completed an Apprenticeship in Technical Support at Suitcase TV. Adam was recommended to us by one of our Solutions Consultants, Ross because he'd previously worked with Adam at Suitcase TV and saw how committed he was to his work. 

I spent some time asking Adam some questions so that we could get to know him better.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Currently, I enjoy playing video games. I have 150+ games across Playstation, Nintendo Switch and my computer. 

I've played football for Wickham Market since I was 7 years old, I play central-midfield. My role model growing up was Frank Lampard because he's got great leadership skills and a good attitude towards the sport. 

I also enjoy going to the pub with my friends. I'm quite a spontaneous character, I enjoy doing new things and taking on new opportunities when they come my way.

Why did you choose to work for

I applied for a job at because of the opportunities to grow and develop within the company. I had other job offers but I didn't feel like I would benefit as much from them. I'm quite a tech-savvy person and I want to learn new systems to build on my existing knowledge base. 

How has your journey been so far with

Really good! To be honest, I am surprised at how well it has gone seeing as we're all working remotely. It's been easy to learn new things and I think that's down to Lee. He's a great teacher and it helps that he's easy to get on with, he's a people person. 

I enjoy the morning and afternoon meetings that we have because being in lockdown can be quite mentally draining, so having people to talk to regularly is a bonus!

Since being at, I've mainly been learning Sugar, but I've also enjoyed watching things in action, for example, Mike showed me how the Sugar and enable mautic integration works. The whole company are friendly, welcoming and easy-going. You can tell that everyone is friends and gets on really well, so I'm excited to be a part of that.