Personal Stories: Alex's first month at

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Joining a company at the cusp of the Covid-19 lockdown is something of an oddity for anyone. How can adequate introductions and, more importantly, onboard training take place when you’re at home? Not only a challenge for the employee, my worry was that my new employer would also struggle to find me adequate work. Perhaps it was best that I was immediately furloughed?

The idea of being furloughed for someone with limited financial burden was quite an attractive prospect; being paid to sit at home and write or play games? In a grim time such as this, I found myself reflecting on the more positive sides of mandatory self-isolation, with respect to those truly affected by the pandemic. But Monday morning had other plans.

“No one is to be furloughed,” spoke our CEO, steadfast in his conviction, “We will weather this as a company.” There go my plans for living as a hermit for a few months. Training would take place online with morning meetings to attend. Back to the usual grind, thought I.

And’s been a month with little ‘grind’ in sight. I’ve endeavoured to present myself professionally and eager, as has my fellow trainee. We’ve been given proper onboard training that’s thorough and carefully planned, yet not lacking the levity that would keep us invested while we simply stare into our computer screens. The morning meetings have not only instilled hope in us of a stalwart company’s feature but allowed us to acquaint ourselves with the various departments and the people at the heart of them.

In-jokes, the prohibitive humor exchanged solely by only the most seasoned of co-workers had been gifted to us. Furthermore, the usual ‘banter’ that seems ingrained into any workforce rife with the innocuous comradery had been shared freely and dealt straight back.

Enable Technologies have welcomed me to the point where I’d been thought of as part of the team from the very offset. People I’d never met or shared a pint with had become fast friends and confidants. My skills have been explored and harnessed by passionate people whom in turn show gratitude. Dynamic, inclusive and trusting, Enable is more akin to a home than a workplace. A family striving for betterment and success.

And I’m honoured to be a part of that. Thank you all.