Part 5: Working from home? No problem. 10 Free Templates from!

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This is part five of our 'Working from home? No problem. 10 Free Templates from!' blog series. We hope that you are enjoying all of the templates that we have released so far. Seeing as it's the final part of this series we are going to give you 3 more templates for free! Catch up on the four previous articles by going to our blog!

Today we are going to cover:
  • Daily Team Tasks Template
  • New Employee Onboarding Template
  • 1 to 1 Meetings Tempalte
Daily Team Tasks

This template will help you and your team align daily team tasks to ensure you stay on the same page. Define your work sprints (days, weeks, months) to keep your work in context. You can assign a task owner to make sure everyone knows who needs to do what. Keep it all organised with statuses signifying the kind of task it is, and you’ll be ready to go! Pro tip: Timeline view will give you a sense of your next week’s schedule at a glance.

New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding a remote employee has unique challenges – and it’s easy to lose track of the process. The New Employee Onboarding board will help you make sure your new employee always knows what they should be doing, and when. Align on expectations, assign them a buddy to help them through the process, and keep track of their progress all on one shared board. Organise each group by day so they know from day one what to expect. You can easily assign an owner for each project so it’s clear who they need to collaborate with, schedule times to work on onboarding projects, assign expected complexity and link to helpful resources. 

Log for 1-1 Meetings (managers)

Log for 1-1 Meetings (managers) This template can be used by managers to keep track of their 1-1 meetings with each member of the team to track progress and review the last discussed points to prepare for the next meeting. This board should be saved as a Private board and can be used to set reminders for the next scheduled meeting, sync with HR to funnel new hires into the process and make sure new employees are seamlessly included in the team. This board is fundamental to a team’s growth strategy to ensure managers are tracking their employees’ improvement, goals, and growth. 

Need assistance setting these boards up?

For almost every team, the growing concern around COVID-19 and the shift of daily routine into remote work poses unique and unanticipated challenges. The templates shared in this post can help you and your team keep the ball rolling on your success and stay on top of your team’s wellbeing. There are many variations of these templates that you could use and adapt to meet your requirements.

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