Part 4: Working from home? No problem. 10 Free Templates from!

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This is part four of our 'Working from home? No problem. 10 Free Templates from!' blog series. We hope that you are enjoying all of the templates that we have released so far. These templates should have you up and running for remote working in no time. They're easy to set up and maintain for all of your colleagues. If you missed the previous blog that covered the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template and the Company Updates Template, click here to read it!

Team Time Log

Without an in-office system to keep track of employees coming and going, Team Time Log lets HR know when everyone started and stopped working. Each item represents an employee— when they log into the system the timer starts, and it ends when they log out. You can easily see a summary of the hours worked that week or filter by employee. If you have remote employees working billable hours, this shared board will help create transparent communication around logged work hours.


time log
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Company Calendar

Easily organise company events, holidays, happy hours, and more with the company calendar board. Use each item as an event, and group them together by type of event. This will colour coordinate each event by type when you view in Calendar view. For remote teams, scheduling virtual happy hours or company-wide weekly meetings can be a great way to strengthen culture and motivation. Note: Make the most of this by looking at it in Calendar View.


Company Calendar
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Remember there's still more templates to be released but if you want to get your hands on them earlier...

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