Part 2: Working from home? No problem. 10 Free Templates from!

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This is part two of our 'Working from home? No problem. 10 Free Templates from!' blog series. These blogs are to help you get an insight into how you can use to work remotely. Within these blogs we are giving away 10 free templates so keep a look out for each blog as they get released! Last time we spoke about Remote Work Templates, click here to recap.

Today we are going to be covering Employee Quarantine Status and Communication Plans.

Employee Quarantine Status

Staying on top of your employees’ health in high-risk times is any company’s top priority. With the use of our Intake Form template, you can easily track any employee who could be at risk to ensure you make the best choices for the health and safety of the entire company. Update contact information, clearance status, quarantine start date and more to make sure you are always aware of the status of your employees.

Download your Quarantine Status Template

Communications Plan

With new updates and restrictions coming in all the time, it’s important to communicate information clearly and consistently across your organisation. This template will allow you to put all important communications in one centralised place so all employees know what your organisation is doing to ensure their safety. Section the board into internal discussions, business guidelines, and external communication strategies to align and move forward. 

communication plan


Download your COVID-19 Communications Plan Template

Remember if you'd like to see the template we released yesterday, take a look at part 1.

We've got another 7 awesome templates for you to utilise in our free whitepaper! The whitepaper helps you to:

  • Sort out risk assessments
  • Have a log of company updates
  • Overview of team time logs
  • Overview of company calendar 
  • Organise of daily team tasks
  • Still be able to onboard new employees
  • Log 1-1 meetings

Download the whitepaper!