Part 1: Working from home? No problem. 10 Free Templates from!

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As more and more companies are switching their status to Work From Home (WFH), it can be difficult to know how to manage this uncharted territory.

Making sure your company is managing their health responsibly while keeping company goals and work schedules on track can be a daunting task— especially when you need to get everything set up in a matter of days.

Most of us here at Enable are WFH. Consequently, a lot of our team members are relying on even more than they have done in the past. It enables them to have transparent communication, clear ownership, and work together with their colleagues. are coming up with tons of new ideas on how to make even more remote-work-friendly, which means integrations, updates, and new features on their way!

To help you WFH we've created a whitepaper with 10 awesome templates which will make all of your business processes a lot easier during Coronavirus especially. 

1. Remote Work Templates

The Remote Team Requests board is the perfect way to receive and organise IT, Ops, or any other kind of request from remote team members. Send the board as a form to all remote workers, have them fill their requests, and their answers will automatically populate the board, seamlessly integrating into your workflow. You can also dedicate a group to outstanding questions or FAQ to be used as a resource when there is no IT team around to ask. 

Get Started with Your Remote Team Requests!

Team Members Remote Requests


We've got another 9 awesome templates for you to utilise in our free whitepaper! The whitepaper helps you to:

  • Organise quarantine status
  • Have a communication plan
  • Sort out risk assessments
  • Have a log of company updates
  • Overview of team time logs
  • Overview of company calendar 
  • Organise of daily team tasks
  • Still be able to onboard new employees
  • Log 1-1 meetings

Download the whitepaper!