Open Marketing with Mautic Mi360

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Have you ever questioned what the 'open' in open marketing means?

It means having no enclosing or confining barriers.

To have an open technology it means flexibility, the free movement of data and no limits to basic needs. 

When it comes to marketing we live in a world where customer experience is how we compete. 

"From now on, leading-edge companies - whether they sell to consumers or busienss - will find that the next competitive battleground lies in staging experiences." - B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, Havard Business Review

It is important to recognise that customer experience happens across every touchpoint and conversation. Types of customer experience:

  • Two-way dialogue - Being there when your customers need something is very important.
  • Exchange value - Give something back to your customers through content or interactions.
  • Reflect interest and sentiment - People like to feel remembered. It is the personal experience that they likely to recommend to a friend. 

Now that we have established how important it is to deliver personlised experience... how do we do that?

Personalisation methods:

  • Mautic email titles, approach people with their names
  • Organise your audience into smaller, more targeted lists through segmentation
  • Use multi-channels - find out what channels your audiences use
  • Tailor your dynamic content based on user demographics and behaviour
  • Give individuals a choice, ask them what they want and be a good listener
  • Machine Learning (futuristic) - find out the best time of day to send content out  

Please Note: Be aware of Frakenstacks! This is where you have to compromise to work with the technology rather than having the technology work for you to support your workflows, teams, processses and strategies! And no one wants that...

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