New Year, New CRM? It's Time to Boost Your Productivity!

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happy new year

It's that time of year when you hear everyone say 'New year, new me,' right?😉

But what does that actually mean? For us here at Enable, it means continuing to be productive, positive and successful. Hopefully, these are some of your New Years' resolutions too!

At Enable, as you may already know, we are one of the Elite SugarCRM Partners. We believe in Sugar and all of its capabilities which is why we are going into the New Year continuing to use and sell the system. We are also continuing to help businesses implement Sugar, develop Sugar, and use Sugar to its full potential. 

Why should your organisation use Sugar?

When it comes to finding a modern CRM that is easy to use and productive, Sugar is the product for you. CRM technology is now the largest software market therefore we understand that there are lots of platforms to choose from. 

So, what are the 5 things that every CRM should have?

1. User Adoption

User adoption is usually one of the biggest challenges when it comes to CRM. However, if you can improve user adoption, then you can generally increase ROI. Low user-adoption rates are the root cause of more CRM project failures than any other factor. People don't like change, and the great thing about Sugar is that it doesn't require a complete 180 in the way your team gets things done. Instead, it integrates with your other front- and back-office systems and with existing workflows and processes. 

#TopTip - There are a lot of decision-makers who must be convinced when it comes time to choosing a CRM. One group that is often left out though…the daily users. One of the best ways to get your team excited about a new solution is to invite as many of them as possible to vendor evaluations and demos to gather their opinions before the initial purchase.

2. Top Security

As data privacy (GDPR) and cybersecurity measures are increasing, we found security has become an important factor for return on investment (ROI). Companies need to have appropriate security practices in order to be able to make sure that their CRM can be used correctly. Often, companies are sensitive about adopting CRM due to poor security practices. 

Sugar has some great functionality which helps to improve your overall security, for example, access permissions based on roles and the option to implement password rules. 

3. Valuable Functionality

If you're already using a CRM are you aware of its functionality? Sugar focuses on core functions rather than bells and whistles. With Sugar, you can automate and optimise your functions so that you get additional value from your CRM. 

4. Business Automation

Your business can save a lot of time and money with a CRM that offers the right automation. Sugar integrates with a range of different marketing platforms. It is very important that your CRM works together with your marketing automation tool to achieve the automation of your business processes.

5. Amazing Data Quality

Sugar is more than a CRM, it is also a Master Data Management Tool, meaning it can streamline data sharing among personnel and departments. Quality data generates actionable insights, it is paramount for any organisation. Sugar can amplify artificial intelligence to recognise patterns in customer behaviour and recommend actions for the best-predicted outcome.

#TopTip - It is important that you bring good quality data into your system so that you have reliable reports and analytics coming out of it!

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