My Introduction to

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First of all, let me say, I don’t know how I ever managed to stay organised before!
My first month at Enable has flown by, and after jumping right into the role, I now have back-to-back demos booked for the next 2 days.
On my very first day, the guys at Enable showed me a Monday board called ‘Tyler Nunn Onboarding’ with activities like ‘Order chocolates and card’ and ‘Tyler’s first day’.

Monday Onboarding

My favourite feature about right now is the timeline. It lets me see everything I have to do this week, and coming up over the next few weeks, and I can scroll about the year without having to click into the next month like traditional calendars. The colours also help me visualise what I have to do for what projects and customers.

Monday Timeline

The one thing that has stuck in my mind about Enable is that they really do practise what they preach, by actively using all of the software they sell on a day-to-day basis. Taking a look around the office and some peoples Monday boards and how they used them, we’ve got some extravagant to-do lists, a wedding plan, project coordination, questionnaires, training follow ups, and many many more.

Monday Project Management

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