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Did you know that there is 350,000 people, from 76 countries, in 70,000 teams managing their work using Monday.com?

It's true! Monday.com is that popular! 

91% of customers say that Monday.com helps them to stay on top of their work.

One of the great things about Monday is that it is constantly being improved and developed. We want to share with you some of the latest features and improvements from Monday that we love here at Enable.

The time tracking widget has been improved, yay!

Now you are able to see the time time tracking across certain time frames. For example, days, weeks, months etc. You can also group this by certain columns such as people, status, tags and the board itself.

time tracking

 You are able to stay on top of what your team is doing by following a team in the My Week Widget. You can also see all of the tasks assigned to that team and the tasks that are assigned to the members within it.

team in my week

Be able to change your time format across the entire platform! This can be in either a 12 hour format or a 24 hour format. This option is personal and will affect only your view, so each user on the accounts can set the time to be formatted to their own liking. You can set the time formatting in the user profile section under the preference tab.

time format gif

You can now export the entire time tracking column to an excel sheet, making it easier to view everything in one place, rather than exporting each cell separately.


If you are impressed by Monday's new features and would like to find out more information then click on the button below!