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Lee's monday.com award blog

Lee Ingham, our Training Manager has been crowned 'New User of the Month' by monday.com which is awesome! 

The 'New User of the Month' badge is given to congratulate two new users each month for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom. 

We asked Lee, how do you contribute to the monday.com community? 

He said that it's about "learning new features and being able to pass that knowledge on to other people."

We followed by, why are your posts liked by the community?

"Because I help people to get the most out of their systems and I offer value through my posts and comments."

What do you use the system for?

"I use it for a personal-professional purpose. I use monday.com to manage my monday.com workload. It helps me to organise all of my tasks and training."

What is the main benefit of monday.com?

"It's an enjoyable experience and it works!"

On a more personal note... How did it make you feel when you received the award?

"On top of the world." - Yes, that is a direct quote from Lee himself! 

star user


From this, we can see that this reward has had such a positive impact on our team, especially Lee. It's great to see that our activity is being rewarded. It's just another great feature from monday.com! The software just keeps getting better and better! 

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A big well done to Lee, we are all celebrating your success, keep up the good work!