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July 2019 Features That You Do Not Want to Miss Out On!

Mirror column supported in formula 

You can create a mirror column in your board, and in case it links to a column type that supports formulas, it will appear in the formula columns.



Cross board Automation

You can now create automations and use them across multiple boards.

Cross board automation


Status column footer

The footer exists in two different settings, “Done only” or “All statuses”. It is enabled by default and can be deactivated through the column menu.

Status Column Footer


Share update via Email

You can now share updates via Email to any email address, even if they are not users in your account or in monday at all!

  • Great for sharing important information inside your monday.com account with external collaborators, like clients, who aren’t using monday.com and prefer updates via Email.

  • It is currently open in beta, so enable it from monday labs. 

  • Next step - reply to such an Email will generate a reply to the update in monday.

Share update via email


Time tracking - better chart visibility 

We improved the visibility of Time Tracking on charts.

Until now, the time tracking values were displayed in seconds, and now they are displayed in the same way as they're displayed in the cells - HH:MM:SS.

Time tracking charts


Dropdown column multi-select

Ever thought the Dropdown column could be much more? Us too! Now you can use multi-select option and enjoy all the benefits on charts and reports.

Dropdown column


Full screen board views

We released major improvements to our board views that allow you to have full screen views with full board functionalities, giving you even more visualisation of the information in your boards.

Full screen board views


Save filter on Dashboards widget

We know you guys were waiting for it, and now it’s here—you can save filters on Dashboard widgets to drill down and see just what you need! The filter term will stay until you change it (also after refresh).

dashboard widget



Mobile app updates

Localisation !

We’re thrilled to share our iOS app is supporting localisation (version 3.32)!

The supported languages currently are: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.

You can also change your preferred language in 2 ways:

1. From the settings screen in the app

2. From the app launch screen if you’re not already logged in.

Features added :) 

  • File column - upload/delete files and photos from your device

  • Collapse and expand groups from the board menu

  • Share board links to other apps

  • Dropdown column - multiple values support 



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