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Discover's new Workload Widget!

The workload view allows you to see who's able to take on more work and who's not. This way you can make adjustments to prevent missed deadlines and burnout. 

With the workload widget, you can now have insights from multiple boards in order to make sure your team is set for success. This widget is a must have to enhance your workflow!

How does workload work?

To create a workload you need to ensure that you have a people column and a date or timeline column. 

To add the workload widget simply click on "Add New" at the top of the Dashboard page, Click "More" and then add "Workload" as seen below. 



Once added, click on the cogwheel to start customising.

How do you set up the widget?
  1. Choose the boards - Firstly, you need to choose the relevant boards that you want to pull information from.
  2. Pick the time column - Ensure that you have chosen boards that have either a date or timeline details.
  3. Choose the person column - Now you need to choose which People column from each board you want represented on the board. This will determine the tasks that appear to each person's name. Please Note: If you receive an error that you do not have a relevant column in your board, you may need to change the Person column type to People Column in the original board. 
  4. Choose Effort and Capacity - You can display this data in two ways: Count Item and Effort. 
  5. Choose your groups - You can pick which specific group of each board you'd like to see the values from. Then you will be able to see the tasks across multiple boards for each team member in a certain time period.
How to filter on your widget?

You can filter to find the information you need by using the advanced filter. On your Scope widget, click on the filter icon:



Let's say we want to see all the tasks that are Stuck and Overdue to see how we can reorganise the teams' workload and make sure we can complete the project successfully. This will display all the tasks that are past their due date AND the status is Stuck so we can see where the roadblocks are and make adjustments as needed. You can even save your view by clicking "save" on the top right corner.        

workload (2)
Want to drill down even further?

By clicking on any of the circles you can drill down into the team's tasks, this way you can also see the timeframe. You can change the due dates or reassign tasks as needed. This way your team will stay on track, on time, and work within their capacity. 

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