Latest Integrations - Part Two

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Following on from the last Integrations blog, there's so many more to talk about!

What other new integrations are there?

Copper CRM Integration 

Copper is a CRM tool that lives natively within G-Suite and you can integrate with it via When a lead is created, you can automate t to create an item in and then sync all future changes from Copper. See example below:


Bitbucket Integration 

With the new and Bitbucket integration, you can track your deploys in one place, never miss a release or have to hunt down a feature owner again. You can take issues in Bitbucket and open them up to stakeholders outside your tech team. You can use's different column types to add more context, as in the image below.


Google Sheets Integration 

Pick up where you left off in Sheets inside with a quick data import!

Google Sheets

Microsoft Teams Integration

This integration allows you to instantly turn updates, new items and changes from a specific item into messages in MS Teams so everyone will have the most up to date information and be able to work from both platforms and stay synchronised. 

Microsoft teams

Woo Commerce Integration

With this awesome integration, you can now get a high-level view of your store and automatically track your products, inventory, and orders all in one place! When an order is created in Woocommerce, there will be an item create and all of the future updates will be synced, as shown in the image below.

Woo Commerce has endless capabilities and what makes it even better is that it can integrate with so many different platforms. If you want to see in action, start your free trial today!

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