Latest Integrations - Part One

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blog 1 has been spending a lot of their time working on some super cool integrations for you all! 

So what's new in regards to integrations?

Jira Cloud Integration

Need a way to manage tasks, issues, bugs in your Jira Cloud and Now you can with our Jira integrated automations!

You can customise your recipe anyway you want to with the applicable fields- For example when an issue is created in a project in Jira, you can create it as an item on your board. See example of automation below:



Salesforce Integration

Sync accounts, opportunities, leads and more in with this fantastic integration! Be able to streamline the customer relationship management process by incorporating valuable lead information into

Please Note: This integration is only available on our Enterprise plan. In order to set up this integration, you must also have a Salesforce subscription of Enterprise or Unlimited. Salesforce does not support integrations on its Essentials or Professional plans. 



Twilio Integration

Be able to make voice calls and collect user input from the call back to With this awesome integration you are now able to reach out and connect with your clients, employees, freelancers, and managers via Phone calls & SMS!



Gitlab Integration's Gitlab integration will allow you to track your team's deploys and open issues directly in Manage your bugs backlog in and seamlessly sync it with Gitlab, and track your recent releases so your client-facing teams can share your product's journey with your users. 

Everytime a bug is created in Gitlab, you can track it through, see the below example:

Git Lab


JotForm Integration

Gather any information collected via JotForm on your boards to better manage leads, distribute surveys, collect payments and much more.

After setting up your integrations you can choose which data will be mapped into each colum. Currently, the following columns on JotForm are uspported with out integration: heading, name, email, address, phone number, date, short text, long text, text, multiple-choice, number, file upload, star rating, and scale rating.



LinkedIn Integration

Create social posts on LinkedIn directly from your board! Have the flexibility to create a post when a certain date arrives or when a status changes to something, create a new post and share it. See example of automation below:



Not using already but like the look of what it can do and what it can integrate with? Why not start a free trial? See the magic for yourself!

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