2.0: The Work OS Platform

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New and exciting things have come to and we're so excited to tell you all! has always been more than a task management software or project management platform. Now they are officially calling themselves a Work Operating System (OS) and what a transformation they have made!! 

A work OS is a cloud-based software platform where teams build custom workflow apps. It allows teams to plan, run, and track processes, projects, and everyday work. A Work OS is geared for organisations of all sizes and across all functions of the organisation. It provides the flexibility to build and adapt to any workflow, project or process. 

A Work OS becomes a digital workspace within an organisation: it collects information from external tools, helps teams communicate about items within the context of the work happening, and places all workflows in one place. This creates a centralised home for all work. 

So, I bet you're now thinking... why should my team use a Work OS?

Well that's easy...

  • Moving fast: A Work OS empowers teams to adapt quickly by automating work and giving team autonomy to work the way that fits them best. This fast work remains aligned with organisational standards. 
  • Centralising data: Work OS offerings consolidate information from disjointed tools in one place, so everyone with permissions use it for data-driven decision-making. This breaks through data silos. 
  • Contextualising communication: Work OS offerings help teams communicate within the context of work happening, so different business units can easily share work products and plans.
  • Providing visibility: Work OS offerings centralise communications and data, giving leaders visibility into everyday work and ensuring alignment with standard procedures. This overcomes operational silos. 

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