August '19 newest features

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At Enable Technologies we know how important it is for you to be up-to-date with the latest features. That's why we want to share the August 2019 new features with you...

Out of Office, Phase 2

Leaving for your Summer holidays?

Completely switch off from the noise at work by turning your out of office ON!

When the out of office is on, a red "do not disturb" indicator will show on your profile picture throughout the account, saving you being assigned to tasks you can't complete. You can also silence your notifications to really give you the peace and quiet we all crave when taking time out. 

Check it out on your own profile by going to the notifications section!

Out of office
Hide Irrelevant board in "My week"

Most people use "My week" on a daily basis. Therefore having boar on there that are irrelvant to you can be annoying! There is now the option to hide the tasks that are not relevant so that you have more time to focus on the task that are yours. 

Hide irrelevant boards (1)Hide irrelevant boards (2)
Display settings for board views

You can now choose the (dark/ white) and the size (split fullscreen) for your view. The settings are saving per user per view.

Display settings
Chart View Enhancements - Step 1

As part of efforts to add reporting capabilities for big accounts, are focusing on dashboards widgets and board views. have added the option to group by the dates values of x-axis in all our charts (bar, line and pie).

Group your charts by board groups - Step 2

Almost all of us use the board as steps in our processes. Now, you can see the progress by your different groups. 

charts (2)

Multiple series on charts - Step 3 have changed the component of the y-axis colums selection to be a checkboxes component as you can see. Now you can add multiple series in the bar chart and line chart in board views. 

charts (3)

y axis Community

The Community is a place where you can meet other users. 

All you need is to login to the community address:

There you will find the main categories that have chosen to focus on:

  • FAQs

  • Integrations

  • Developers & API

  • Hire a Specialist

  • Announcements

  • Miscellaneous

The Mobile App: iOS and Android suport locisation 

After amazing work by's mobile dev team, I'm thrilled to share that their mobile apps app is finally supporting localisation (version 3.32)!

The supported languages currently are: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.

Please note that only 85% of the app is translated for now but we're working to get it to 100% asap.


mobile app


mobile app 2


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