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Become a Pro marketer by creating successful and visually pleasing emails with Mi360 Mautic

What is Mi360 Mautic? Mi360 Mautic is a Marketing Automation Platform that is designed to help you build more powerful and meaningful relationships. It simplifies marketing automation for everyone in your team, enabling them to create campaigns within minutes so that they have more time to focus on the all-important content! 

The layout and design of your emails are vital when it comes to successfully marketing your business! So what are the main tips and tricks?

  1. Your call to actions need to be powerful - It is important to consider that a large amount of your audience will only open the email and view the top half of the content. With this in mind, it is important to recognise that the call to actions should be present at the top of the email. They should stand out compared to everything else in the email.
  2. The width of the email needs to be correct - Generally, an email shouldn't go over 600px wide. That is so that it fits all of the most used screen sizes.
  3. Ensure that there are not more than 3 columns - Considering that you're working with a 600px wide email it is clear that working with more than 3 columns would make the emails quite crammed. 
  4. Practice using a grid layout - Seeing as a lot of developers and marketers code their emails using <table> it is good to get used to using this type of layout so that you have a better understanding of the placement of different email elements. 
  5. Make sure the email in scannable - A lot of people will scan read emails rather than reading every single word from start to finish therefore being able to maintain a visual hierarchy will get your main points across better.
  6. Know your audience - Research the people that you are sending your email out to. This way you will learn about how they interact with different things. This will help you make more informed decisions when it comes to your email. 

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