Measure Your Teams Performance Better Than Ever Before

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performance insights

With a lot of people working from home at the moment, you must be able to track your team's performance. Tracking lots of projects and tasks can seem quite tedious, however, if you've got a tool that will automatically give you a view of your performance insights, this process then becomes a lot easier. The benefit of this is that you can easily see how effectively you or your employees have worked this week compared to last week. 

So, how do you track your team's performance?

It's easy! You start with a super awesome software solution called If you're already using it, well done you, you're a step ahead of the game! 

With the possibilities for your business are endless, it allows you to see the bigger picture of your business at a glance. And today, I'm going to focusing on just one of the many features that makes so amazing!

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Performance insights

This feature allows you to track how long your items spend on a specific status or in a specific phase so that you can analyse your productivity in an easier and more efficient way. 

How do you add this feature?

It's simple! To add the Performance Insights View, click on the arrow next to the button 'Main Table.' Hover over '+Add View' and click on 'Apps.' Then type in 'Performance Insights into the search bar, this will give you an icon of an increasing graph, click that! 


performance insights
How does it work?

Once you have got the Performance Insights View set up you will be able to track and compare the time spent on specific statuses. You can customise your insights by clicking on the Settings icon and then changing the data to fit your requirements. If you want to filter your graph even further you can click the 'Filter' button, and choose the exact information that you need to see. 

performance insights
Love the look of this feature but you don't have a account?

No problem! It's easy to set a free trial up with no card details required. 

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