Mautic 2.13 has been Released!

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Upgrades in progress!

This update includes some powerful new enhancements, along with the resolutions for over 40 bugs. To see the full list of bugs fixed, check out the release notes here: (

Cloning Segments

You now have the ability to clone segments, from the list view. This will save you time when it comes to segments with lots of intricate filters, as you will not have to start from the beginning or re-create them. my image

New Campaign Conditions

You can now select campaign membership as a Condition within a Campaign. You can also filter on the date that they were added to that campaign, and extend the condition further with ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ expressions. my image

Enhanced Campaign Statistics

The campaign statistics page has been extended to show a more detailed breakdown of Decisions, Actions, and Conditions. You can now see completed events, incomplete, and pending events for contacts who are still going through the campaign. This will allow a more informative overview of the campaign, whilst it is still ongoing. my image

Mautic and GDPR

Mautic is taking a dual pronged approach in regards to GDPR Compliance, some elements of which are available in this version, some of which are planned future improvements. To read about these in full, click here to read the blog post. (