Making Your Christmas Wish List Come True: Part one: Increasing ROI

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With 2020 around the corner it's time to start planning your business objectives for the new year if you haven't already! I am going to present you with a series of four blogs that discuss how SugarCRM will meet your Christmas wishlists! This week's focus is increasing and measuring ROI which I'm sure will be on the top of your businesses' wishlist! 

(1) Measuring ROI through campaigns and reports

A lot of businesses struggle when it comes to getting the best ROI from their CRM. One of the most common problems is getting Sales and Marketing CRM to work together. So, firstly, get both departments in the same room to discuss common goals which will encourage them to work together. 

Secondly, act on your data! One of the greatest and most beneficial features of Sugar is reporting. You can report on anything but the focus of this blog is going to be reporting on campaigns. The reason for this is because you need to have a focus for your report, this may be measuring ROI on an event or an email campaign. Sugar presents the data within campaigns in an effortless pre-formatted report. Within a campaign, you can 'view status' and 'view ROI' which gives you access to your budget, revenue, and costs. It also allows you to see your activity, for example, bounce rate, CTR, views, and total opted-out.

Furthermore, having all of this information means that you can create more targeted campaigns. It means that your Marketing team has more valuable data and they can see every activity under each record so that they know what has or hasn't been successful. Because you are able to link your Lead, Contact, and Opportunity to the Campaign that you have created it gives your team a 360-degree view of all of the information that you need wherever you are. 


So, the all-important question... How does this grant your wish of increasing ROI?

Having all of this data available to you in one platform means that you can see what has been successful and what hasn't. If a campaign gave you a high ROI this would indicate that you could do a similar campaign or event again the following year. If the target audience was successful this would also indicate that you are reaching out to the correct people. Sugar allows you to be more customer-centric which is the key to success. Knowing your customer base usually results in a higher ROI. Sugar It is an essential tool for managing leads and closing opportunities...

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