Making Your Christmas Wish List Come True: Part Three: Lead Nurturing

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Are you going into 2020 wanting to shorten sales cycles and win more deals? You can do this with Sugar.

Lead nurturing means building and developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. Sugar Market gives marketers the best-in-class tools to automate lead nurturing, score lead activity and find the best leads for Sales. By providing actionable lead intelligence to your sales team they can target your audience with relevant messages. 

So what are the benefits of lead nurturing through a CRM?

1. Stay in front of prospects and customers

Target prospects in a more relevant and concise way depending on where they are in the buyer's journey. Nurture campaigns will help to keep your brand top-of-mind while a prospect is conducting research and looking to make a purchase decision. Sugar Market allows you to easily set up emails based on different rules such as demographic information, web activity, interests and more. 

2. Lead scoring - Target the most valuable leads.

Some leads are worth more attention than others. Sugar allows you to distinguish which of those leads are more valuable so that you can get the best ROI. Sugars Market's rich lead scoring capabilities allow for unlimited scoring profiles and indefinite scoring time frames. As prospects are acquired, you can gauge their readiness to buy based on their score and pass prioritised leads to your Sales team. 

3. Use real-time data to win more deals

Bring together your sales and marketing teams by housing all of your marketing data in your CRM and enabling a bidirectional workflow. Sugar Market's integration with all major CRMs and open API gives Sales one-click access to all relevant lead information.

Sail into 2020 with an increase of sales using Sugar Market - Enquire to find out more today!

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