Making Your Christmas Wish List Come True: Part Two: Activity Tracking

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Activity Tracking

Is one of your new year's resolutions to centralise all of your communications within one CRM platform?

Imagine being able to have one contact record with all of the activities and data stored in one place. Being able to track what activities your employees are doing is vital so that you know you're getting full user adoption.

Every activity between yourself and a customer can be logged in Sugar. Phone calls are a vital method of communication and can often hold valuable information that needs to be carried through a complete customer journey. Along with this, perhaps the most common method of speaking with consumers, emails are able to be archived into Sugar. This provides a seamless way to utilise your time in the most efficient way. The slow and tedious task of trawling through your ‘sent’ box is completely eliminated, giving a complete overview of an account’s activities. These activities are taken from different departments and held with one record giving you a 360-degree view of all of your data.

So, how are activities used within different departments?

We asked our Sales Team, "what activities do you use the most?"

Carla mentioned, "my favourite thing about activities is that you can see the last point of contact within a record. This helps me when I have left the status as 'no response received' because it shows me when this status was last updated so that I know when to contact the prospect/customer again." Aaron added, "I find that having opportunities within a record helps me to track the sales process. I use a lot of the activities, I log calls, sync emails, write up notes and it enables me to have all of the communication in one place."

We then asked our Marketing Team, "how do activities benefit you?"

Emma told us, "I use reports and opportunities the most. Reports allow me to monitor trends, for example, cross-selling. They also give me insight into lead conversion rates and the efforts of employees." 

Being part of the marketing team myself, I'd say that activities are helpful because you have access to true information with the click of one button. Every activity from every department is in one centralised place. There's no room for mistakes or miscommunication with Sugar. It's easy to report on, as my colleague Emma said, which allows us to really know our customer base rather than just assuming.

Moving on to our Projects Team, "what do Projects use activities for?"

Ben mentioned, "I use meetings a lot because it gives me a pop-up reminder when I need to make a call. I also use the calendar view of my activities and book out when I have a holiday as a meeting so that others know my availability."

So if that hasn't got you jumping for joy when it comes to using activities in Sugar, why not start a free trial? See the magic for yourself and become customer-centric with a master data system!

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