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There is a lot of pressure on working remotely at the moment and in previous blogs we have discussed why is great for that! But goes further than being just a Work Operating System (OS). It’s also a way for setting goals, maintaining daily activities, taking breaks and finding the right work-life-balance. 

What does it take to have a good work-life-balance?

Quite often work-life balance is about having the motivation to succeed in both your work and personal life. And most of the time those who take the time out to do personal activities that they enjoy then focus more when they’re at work. As a lot of people are working remotely now due to Coronavirus, it’s important to understand that having successful work-life-balance has become even harder. Some people are adjusting to being at home all day, every day. 

I wanted to show you how can not only help you focus at work, but also help you un-wind when you’re not at work. 

Take a look at my Personal Daily Goals board…

personal board


I keep my personal boards very basic compared to my work boards because I don't want to be spending a lot of time updating different columns out of work. It’s simply a list that states my daily tasks.

I wrote this list because I wanted to have something to motivate me, something more than sitting and watching TV in the evenings in the same house that I’d worked all day in. I wanted somewhere to log every achievement that I am making, so that at the end of every day I could be proud of what I’d achieved. 

To motivate me even further I quite often refer to my to-do list on my ‘Personal Dashboard.’ This is because I like the perk of having a different, daily, motivational quote.

personal dashboard


Again, very simplistic, but at the same time, not much work to keep updating. I update this simply by ticking the Checkbox each day and then duplicating the board at the end of the week. 

The reason that I use for this is because it's easy to use, it's motivational and it has its own app. I use the the app a lot because it saves me having to re-start my laptop. It also means that I can add anything to my list from anywhere and at any time, just as long as I have my phone on me.

If you're not already using within your business, you definitely should. Not only does it work for your business processes and productivity, but it also gives your employees satisfaction, knowing that they can use it out of work too on a more personal level.

Start your free trial today, and watch your employee's motivation transform!

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