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In a time period where remote work is more crucial than ever before it is vital that you’re getting the most out of your software solutions., if you don’t already know, is a work operating system, meaning, quite simply, it operates your work. By operating your work it saves you time, automates tedious tasks and helps you to collaborate in real-time. is constantly improving and I am going to show you a selection of their awesome new updates that you can get your hands on!

Last edited - Make your workflows more transparent by being able to see who’s editing comments and at what time. This feature makes follow up procedures so much easier because you are able to see who’s changing things and communicate with them regarding their decisions. 

Automation ID - An awesome feature for developers or people who are quite simply, masters of! The visibility of Automation ID allows you to ask a question about's CS and quote your ID so that know exactly what you’re talking about. 

Embedded Zoom calls - Now you can have a zoom call within your board. This is great for maximising productivity because you can update your board in real-time whilst on the call. This way, you don’t miss out on any crucial information! 

zoom calls


Online visibility - You can now see who’s online on your account because they’ll have a little green circle next to their name. and Slack integration - This awesome new integration means that you can now use both software platforms in an aligned way to map out your business processes and complete your tasks! and slack


Share dashboards with other people - You can now invite people to your dashboard by link or by email invite. 

Change item terminology - By clicking the three dots in the top right corner of your account and going to 'Board settings' > 'Change item terminology,' you can now change the ‘New Item’ button to something more specific. For example, if you’re a Marketing department you could change the terminology to ‘New Post.’



Rich avatar card - Your avatar card is visible when you hover over your picture within a board. The avatar shows you the person’s name, title, time zone and contact details. This is super awesome for maximising productivity if you’re collaborating with a group of people through a board and want to contact them about an update.



These are just a few of's awesome new updates and if you haven’t seen already, they’ve also brought out 7 new apps! At we can help you implement these new features into your account! Did you know that we are currently offering a free consultation on Make the most of the software and talk to one of our experts about how we can help you improve your workflows! 

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