Introducing the Teamtailor "Tag Manager"

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The great thing about tags in Teamtailor is that you can customise them and tag your candidates in whichever way suits you best. Add tags that reflect your values, hard skills, or whatever helps you sort through candidates, jobs, and blog posts best.

But, with the creative freedom of creating your own tags comes the challenge of keeping them organised ✔️ Maybe you don’t need a specific tag anymore and want to remove it, or maybe you’ve got tags that are similar that you’d like to merge. 

All of this is now possible in your "Tag Manager" in Settings. Keep track and manage your tags here. Click on “Settings” and then “Tag Manager" in the menu on the left-hand side. 

Here you can add, rename, delete, and merge tags. To delete multiple tags at once, select them and click on the trash icon at the bottom of your page.

Take a look here: 



You can also merge tags that are similar to each other 📎 To do so, select the tags you want to merge and click “Merge” candidates. Select the tag you want to keep and merge the other tags into, and click“Merge Tags.”



If you want to restrict the possibility of creating tags to Admin users, simply switch this toggle “on:"



Enjoy using this awesome feature!

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