Introducing Mautic 2. 16 beta!

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We are excited to announce that Mautic 2. 16 beta has been released and includes many enhancements and bug-fixes! 

What does this awesome update include?

  • Fix for Maxmind IP lookup feature requiring authorisation
  • PHP 7.3 support
  • New Campaign Actions
  • Update to the Zoho CRM integration to support the new v2 API from Zoho
  • Update to Salesforce integration to support TLS 1.2
  • SameSite cookie fix for Chrome 80 and other browsers
  • New Campaign actions: Add/Remove Do Not Contact - This feature allows you to have a step in your campaigns which enables assigning of the 'Do Not Contact' status to a lead
  • Allow save image to contact profile from form - This pull request allows the saving of a contact image directly to the lead when submitted via a Mautic form
  • Support for SMS replies as a campaign decision - This pull requests adds support to consume SMS replies through campaigns, e.g. by using Twilio as the SMS provider
  • New post save API hook - This pull request allows plugins to get saved entity and the whole Request and interact with it. It allows them to send more data, for example, with the contact create request and connect this to the contact

When installing this update we recommend that you do it in a development environment and test thoroughly. We also recommend that you perform this update using the command line where possible, especially on shared hosting or where that are a lot of leads to process, which can results in a timeout with the browser update. 

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