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At Enable we believe that Teamtailor is one of the best Application Tracking Systems. Teamtailor fits to every employer's needs because of how flexible and customisable it is. It provides organisations with a candidate focused career site to attract and provide candidate's with all the information they need about the workplace. 

Whilst in 2018 the employment rate reached 75% this made it harder on recruiters! There has been less CVs received, a skills shortage, Brexit and a decrease in migration.

In a candidate driven market it is important to take the time to perfect your job advertisements. This not only saves you money and resources but it also means that you're reaching out to the right audiences.

When it comes to recruiting, your job advertisement is the first thing that a candidate views therefore it is important to set a good impression so that they want to read more.

The Secret to a Great Job Ad


Here at Enable we have created a Whitepaper that teaches you how to create the best and most attractive job advertisements. Be inspired. Be creative. And most importantly, secure the best talent for your business! 

Download the document below!